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Experience Details

You feel frazzled, depleted and run ragged

You’re busy organising your family, your home, your work

You have many different identities

You gave yourself up

You’ve lost touch with who you truly are

You’d like to feel more relaxed

If you relate to one or more of the above statements I stand with you and thank you for allowing yourself to acknowledge your truth.  Knowing that you’ve lost touch with your soul self, your light.  That most pure, genuine part of you that sits at the very core of your existence.

Let me hold regular space for you to:

Discover your internal harmony

Feel more relaxed

Reclaim those lost parts of yourself

Remember who you truly are

Get back in touch with your dreams

Feel whole again

What You Can Expect

The aim for our six months together is to get you back into vibrational energetic and internal harmony on all levels – emotional, physical, mental and spiritual (whatever that means to you).

The objective is for you to go away armed with a toolbox of items you can cherry pick from to support you now and going forwards.

Each month I’ll hold space for you and meet you where you’re at.  I have a brief outline of what we’ll cover, however, I work intuitively and the sessions will be tailored to fit your specific requirements.  So be prepared to go with the flow of where the energy takes us.

We’ll explore certain tools to support your journey.  For example, breathing exercises, Reiki Triangle or meditation.  You’ll also receive a full Reiki treatment.  Plus, physical items to add to your toolbox.  This could be crystals, essential oils, affirmation cards, to give you some examples.  There’ll be some surprises too!

At the start we’ll have a chat about how you’re feeling and what’s going on with you.  After your first session we’ll also discuss how you’ve got on since our previous meet.  You will be given some homework to complete each month related to what we’ve discussed that session.  I’ll also check-in with you around mid-month to see how you’re going – this will be in the form of an email or maybe a video call, again, we’ll go with the flow for what’s the best fit at the time.

At the end of our six month journey together we’ll look at how far you’ve come and your potential next steps.

Allowing yourself the time and space to focus solely on your needs enables your energy to recover, causing positive ripples in all other areas of your life.  You can get on with being your true beautiful soul self, confident that you’ve set strong boundaries.  Knowing that you can utilise the items in your toolbox at any time.  Protecting  your vibrational energy and reducing the risk of depletion and disharmony on all levels.

Personal Investment

Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours per month
Delivery: In Person
Investment: £129.00 per month x 6
Start Your Journey

Once you’re signed up, you’ll be sent a link to book your first session.

I’m more than happy to chat with you before you take the plunge.  It’s important that you feel comfortable with me as we’ll be working together for six months.  So drop me a message and we’ll take it from there.

I’m excited to journey with you so let’s get started!

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