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Energy Is Everything

There is nothing else.  Everyone and everything is created from energy.  You are created from the same Universal energy as the birds, trees, oceans and mountains.  We’re all connected and at one with the Universe through this energy, its vital life force flows through us and around us all the time.  When you feel the wind blowing through your hair and gently kissing your skin, this is Universal energy.

It’s vitally important to look after your energetic being, as what happens in your energetic body affects your physical body on some level.  Learning to nurture and replenish your energy on a regular basis is something I encourage everyone to do.

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Replenish Your Energy

Unblock & Balance

Spend a blissful hour relaxing in my calming Reiki…

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6 Month Journey

You feel frazzled, depleted and run ragged

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Refresh & Renew

Full day and half-day retreats.  More details to follow.

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Meet Your Practitioner

I believe in the mystical and magical, probably as my Mum always believed in Fairies and that they lived at the bottom of the garden.  I’ve always been drawn to crystals and growing up felt weirdly different in some way to my peers.
Back in 2016 I felt a real pull to work with vibrational energy and this is when Reiki found me.  That June I completed Reiki Level 1.  Followed in 2019 by Reiki Level 2 Practitioner. In April 2022 I completed the Reiki Master Practitioner qualification.  In between all of this I did Animal Reiki training and with just my case studies to complete, I’ll soon be able to practise on animals too.
I love being a conduit for Reiki, it’s such a blessing, and being able to serve others in this way is my life purpose.  I look forward to welcoming you into my wonderful Reiki world in whatever capacity our paths cross.
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