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Being Courageous

One morning in early December 2018 I woke up feeling a little grotty and tired.  It was the day I was due to visit a friend of mine.  I contemplated cancelling but after being up for a while started to feel better and decided to go.  So I got myself sorted and off I went.

I turned the key in my car ignition and I knew instantly that something was wrong.  There was a sound, an “oh no, that doesn’t sound good” kind of sound.  Cue flat battery.

Inconvenient?  Yes.  End of the world?  No.  I called my friend and she agreed to come to my home instead.  I set up the battery charger and suddenly realised that it was a good job I hadn’t cancelled because I wouldn’t have known that my battery was flat until I came to take my son to hockey training that evening.  Thank you Universe.

A Challenging Week

This pretty much started a week of unexpected items cropping up left, right and centre, requiring me to be uber-flexible, patient and bloody resilient!  It also gave me the opportunity to put into practice everything I have learnt over the last twenty years since I started my journey of self-discovery.  I even ranted at The Universe mid-week and told it I knew it was testing me!

More To Come

Since that week I’ve had ample opportunity to wobble and rant, and then one day a couple of weeks ago it struck me exactly what was truly happening.  The Universe, in all its wonder, was getting me ready for the next big thing.  It was showing me where I can improve and use all my skills and knowledge.  Ting!  Light bulb moment!

This realisation changed everything for me.  It gave me the massive boost I needed to elevate me out of my current trough.  It felt amazing to finally understand, to finally gain clarity.


During growth periods we will be tested to ensure we are serious in the pursuit of our dreams.  It is normal to wobble at these times.  The Universe is asking us to be courageous here,  not trying to trip us up.  It is reminding us that we are capable of more.

I felt a massive flood of gratitude following my realisation.  In fact, I’m sat here smiling to myself as I type this.  I received a great reminder that The Universe is this big mass of love that wants us all to succeed and gives us ample opportunity to do just that.

Ladies, if you would like to know how I can help you discover your energetic harmony; emotional, mental, spiritual, physical – get in touch for an informal chat.

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