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Paying Attention

The tiredness I felt one evening last week was so immense that I actually went to bed at 8 pm – I haven’t done this since I was pregnant with my son over ten years ago.  Instead of fighting the tiredness, forcing myself to stay up till my usual bedtime and sitting watching TV with drooping eyelids.

I had a pretty good sleep, only slightly waking to fluff up my pillows a few times.  I had very strange dreams, very vivid, the type you can remember the next morning that leave you wondering what the significance is.

Meditation Saves The Day

The next day I felt very flat but I had this meditation song playing on a loop in my head.  So again, I paid attention and chose to listen to that for my morning meditation.  I couldn’t find it straight away on Insight Timer (a great resource) but persevered until I did.  After listening to the meditation for ten minutes I felt like a different person.  I felt lifted, light, happy and had a big smile on my face.  I was actually quite tearful thinking about how totally trusting my intuition had led to that moment.

Life is so much easier when we pay attention to the messages we receive from The Universe.  When we go with the flow instead of swimming against the tide.  Why do we not ‘listen’? Fear? Doubt? Ego?

Embracing faith and trust makes life more enjoyable, and perhaps more importantly, it feels so good.  It was really quite simple to turn around how I felt when I awoke that morning, simply by listening and trusting my intuition.  Life is for us, not against us.  The Universe really does want us to succeed and find happiness in our every day.

So the next time you get a nudge or a pull to do something, go somewhere or listen to a particular meditation, I suggest you trust, have faith and do it.

Ladies, if you would like to know how I can help you discover your energetic harmony; emotional, mental, spiritual, physical – get in touch for an informal chat.

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