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Managing Energy

As an energy worker and an empath, my energy management is key to my every day overall health and wellbeing. I can quickly become energy deficient, a bit like being vitamin or nutrient deficient.

When this happens I become very tired and over emotional. This is challenging as I already feel life on a deeper level than others, which, in turn, results in me crying at the slightest thing (especially Toy Story 3).

Que Sera Sera

My family and I were lucky enough to secure Wembley play-off tickets this year (thanks to a wonderful friend of ours who now wears a cape as he is a superhero). We had our first experience of being at Wembley Stadium with thousands of other people, including the build-up and hopefulness of both teams of supporters.

I look forward to big events like this but they can be challenging for me. Even more so now I’m attuned to Reiki Level 2. I find that if I don’t manage my energy levels well I quickly go from being uber excited to crashing out feeling really tired. In this instance I actually found it exciting and overwhelming all at the same time.

In these circumstances you have very little control over where you sit or who you sit near. I found myself sitting in front of a ‘passionate’ supporter of our team. I found the constant barrage of shouting and swearing really jarring. Initially, I coped OK, calling on my Angels to protect me and encourage this guy to quiet down some.

Zoning Out

At one point I felt guided to close my eyes, breathe in and out deeply to restore my inner calm. I managed to block out a lot of the external noise (not an easy feat at Wembley!). I have to say that this is one of the most serene moments I have ever experienced and felt pretty special. Broken only by a commotion in the level above us but leaving me in no doubt that I am capable of finding quiet moments in the midst of the most challenging circumstances.

Flight and Flee

Over the course of the second half of the game, I became more and more sensitive to the abusive barrage. Our team were losing and this seemed to ramp up the profanities and volume of them. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am no saint and I swear, which is not a trait of myself I like but one I am working on stopping. But I found this guy to be just too much for me to handle.

I then experienced this sudden urge to leave, to not be there, to go! This has happened to me before and it rises in me like a wave about to envelop a surfer. The build up has taken time but the result happens so fast I am still learning how to handle it for the best.

In this instance I got up and made my way out of the stadium. As soon as I was outside the area I felt so much better. I relaxed, backstage was calm and quiet. I decided to go to the bathroom (no line!) and give myself a few moments to let my energy settle and to centre myself.

Grounding, Protection and Cleansing

Every morning as part of my morning routine I ground and protect myself for the day ahead. This helps me manage, for the most part, my own and other people’s energy. I plan on finding a way to ground more deeply before attending an event like this again, so will feed back when I discover what works best.

I also find that regular cleansing is necessary. There are numerous ways to do this. One way is to take an Epsom Salts bath** (these are readily available at some supermarkets and online). The salts can help flush out any toxins from your system that have built up from our modern lifestyles. Once a week is good or when you have been in an environment like the one I’ve described here. I usually use one cup of salts and fill the bath as far up as I safely can so that I’m fully submersed in the water.

I then soak for at least 20 minutes. Relaxing, allowing the salts to do their healing. Sometimes I’ll say to myself the mantra “Thank you for my healing”. Other times, I’ll listen to an audio book or gentle music and quite often I’ll just lay quietly.

Afterwards, I drink some water to rehydrate myself and help with the healing process.

** Please check with a health professional if you are unsure that Epsom Salts are suitable for you to use.

Daily Reiki

Another way I help ground and cleanse myself is with daily Reiki. When relaxing in bed on a night before I sleep, I do a quick scan of my body and ask where I need the Reiki most. I then spend a few minutes administering Reiki to the area(s).

I love this part of my day and find it a gentle, relaxing and restorative exercise. Plus, what I find works for me I can then use to benefit my clients.

In Summary: Toolkit

  • Daily grounding and protection exercises are key to managing energy for the day ahead.
  • It is possible to zone out in the busiest places. Even though others may think you are nuts sitting there with your eyes closed, the benefits far outweigh this.
  • Removing yourself from the situation for a few moments is OK.
  • Learning to not let the situation get to the ‘wave over surfer’ point before removing yourself is key (watch this space).
  • If others don’t get why you are like this, that’s OK. You can explain briefly to them and still ask for their support.
  • Utilising cleansing methods will help heal and restore your energy.
  • Finding what works for you personally is key. Trial and error is the only way to ascertain this. There is information online or if you prefer, I’ll happily help you further.

I plan on enjoying big events in the future – ensuring I use my toolkit to help me get the most out of them – and creating lasting memories with family and friends.

Ladies, if you would like to know how I can help you discover your energetic harmony; emotional, mental, spiritual, physical – get in touch for an informal chat.

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