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Reiki For Animals

In last week’s blog I talked about how Reiki enabled me to help my son during a post SATs anxiety episode.

This week is all about the second of two ways in which Reiki unexpectedly saved the day in just one week.

What’s That In The Road?

During a trip down the street last week with my son, we noticed something in the middle of a busy road not far from where we live.

At first, we couldn’t make out what it was, but as we got closer we could see that it was a pigeon. We were both horrified, as the next vehicle coming along the road was a big bus! We stood holding onto each other with our eyes closed fearing the worst. Thankfully, the bus managed to miss the pigeon, as did the next half dozen or so cars that came after it.

Once the road was quieter, I went into the road and gently picked up the bird. My son did a great job of managing the traffic during this period, ensuring my safety along with the pigeon’s.

I noticed it was only a young one, probably recently fledged. Also, one of it’s legs seemed like it may be bothering it. So I carefully popped the pigeon at the bottom of a hedge on the pavement, giving it a gentle stroke to reassure it before we left.

Shall We Check It On Our Way Back?

We went about our business, wondering in our conversations how the pigeon was doing. We decided to make an additional stop off on our way home to check on it.

It was sat quietly under the hedge just where we had left it. We were concerned that it might end up back in the road though, not being so lucky next time. We made the choice to move it over the road into a local park. So, have pigeon will travel – I gently collected it in my cupped hands again to transport it over the road.

Crossing over the road, we carefully popped the pigeon down in our chosen spot. It tried to walk a little and managed a few steps whilst attempting to flap its wings, it’s leg looking a little better than before. It was at this point I decided to try some Reiki.

Always A First Time

I’ve not tried Reiki on any animal before and had no idea how or if it would respond. I started the Reiki, talking to the bird as I did so, just letting it know it was safe and what I was doing (channelling my inner Dr Dolittle along with the Reiki energy).

The pigeon just sat still and quiet the whole time, looking very relaxed and didn’t attempt to move at all. I moved my hands around to where I was drawn, mostly on the wings.

I continued like this for a few minutes. The pigeon sitting calmly, letting me do my thing. It was a lovely experience. My son, patiently standing next to me, watched in amazement and hope that the Reiki would help our new pigeon friend.

Away From Predators

Once I’d completed the Reiki treatment I brushed down the pidgeon’s aura and wrapped it in a few layers of lovely Reiki protection.

My son and I then had a discussion about whether or not the pigeon was safe enough where we’d chosen to put it. We felt it was a bit too out in the open and vulnerable to attack by predators (cats!) so decided to move it again.

We scouted around for a better spot and plumped for a covered spot underneath a hedge. Far enough away from the road and difficult for cats to get at it.

Cupping the pigeon in my hands for a third time, we proceeded to relocate it. Again, stroking it gently, talking to it and explaining what we were doing, we safely stowed the pigeon in its new spot.

Double Checking

The next day we had a walk down the high street to purchase some items for my son. When out and about, we decided to go and check on our new pigeon friend to see if it was still there or not.

We were a little nervous as we didn’t know what, if anything we would find when we got there. However, there was no sign of the pigeon or any excess feathers that suggested it had fallen prey to any feline predators. Much to our relief.

We can only assume it managed to fly away to safety, knowing we had done all we could to help it on its way. We hope it’s out there somewhere enjoying the freedom of flying around surveying its surroundings.

What I Learned From The Experience

  • I can successfully administer Reiki to animals and that it’s an area of my Reiki practise that I’d like to develop in the future. I had always considered helping dogs and horses with Reiki so it was encouraging to have the opportunity to practise on a smaller animal as my first experience of animal Reiki.
  • My son is incredibly kind and empathic. I am very proud of him.
  • I am happy to be the person who carefully goes into the middle of a busy road to rescue an animal in distress – not drive round it or walk past it like so many others had done.
  • The experience reinforced my belief that we are so closely connected to nature that to not feel its distress is to be numb to our own.
  • That these types of experiences with my son can only teach him to more respect the world around him.
  • That these types of animal rescues happen to me and my son for a reason. We have rescued bees, birds, worms, dogs. In fact, one bee even attached itself to his t-shirt one Summer and wouldn’t let go. Resulting in us carrying it home on a school folder and feeding it sugar water until it was well and flew away. I am glad they choose us, we are happy to help where we can.

Note: since writing this blog, I’m in training to become an Animal Reiki Practitioner.  Once fully qualified, I’ll be adding this to my services.

Ladies, if you would like to know how I can help you discover your energetic harmony; emotional, mental, spiritual, physical – get in touch for more information.

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