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My Magnificent Morning Routine

My morning routine actually started as an evening routine back in January 2016. Over the years it has evolved and now is the most integral part of my day.

Why Bother?

There has been a lot of coverage about the power of the morning routine. About how starting your day off right sets the tone for the rest of your day. About being conscious and choosing how you start your day. My experience and practise back this up 100%.

First thing on a morning is my self-care time. I have found that any days I have missed I am more irritable, my day is jerky and staccato in style and I am actually glad when it’s over – which is not how I want to feel about any day in my life.


I’m a wife and a mum so fitting this around my family as it grows and changes has been one of the biggest challenges. Resilience is key to the success of your morning routine. I had to ‘train’ my family to respect this time and space. It works 99% of the time now.

Talk to your family and explain what you’d like to do. They don’t have to agree with it or understand it but ask them to respect your wishes to have that time for yourself first thing on a morning. Explain that you’ll be so much happier and easier to live with – this did the trick for me!

If you have babies or very small children, fit it in where you can – when they are napping for example. If they attend nursery part-time, do it when you’ve dropped them off. Sit in the car and do it if you go straight to work afterwards. Even better, get up earlier to fit it in, even it it’s just fifteen minutes of quiet time.

What Do I Do?

Simple answer is, whatever you are drawn to do. Below is an example of the things I incorporate into my morning routine.

  • Drink 500ml of water that I have ready in a bottle next to the bed.
  • Yoga or Hiit session – get my mat out and do around ten minutes of yoga or choose a Hiit session on YouTube.
  • Reiki Gokai – I recite the five Reiki precepts to myself a few times to remind myself to live them that day. I’ll cover these in a future Blog.
  • Grounding – to ground I plant my feet firmly on the floor and visualise roots growing deep into the ground. I then visualise lots of other tree roots merging with mine to ground me. I also like to do this outside when the weather is fine, get my feet on grass or earth.
  • Energy Protection – to protect I use a cloak of protection. I ask what colour it is for the day, then visualise a cloak of that colour being placed around me. For example, today’s is yellow for positivity. If you are interested in learning more about the colours I use for this, do let me know.
  • Meditate – sometimes I listen to something on Insight Timer (a great free resource). Other times I’ll sit or lay quietly. The time I meditate for varies from five to ten minutes most mornings, sometimes longer.
  • Journal – pulling out my journal I start a fresh page and write what I am grateful for, starting with ‘Thank you for today’. I do this because no day is guaranteed.
  • I follow this with three things I am grateful for. Writing them in this format; ‘I am truly grateful for (whatever it is) because (my reason why)’.
  • Oracle Cards – I shuffle my cards and ask what I need to know for the day ahead. I make a note of this in my journal.
  • Intention setting – time to pick my two intentions for the day. These are the two things that I keep in mind to complete each day. For example, reading for twenty minutes or being present with my son.

How Has My Life Changed?

Since incorporating a regular routine into my morning I have become much calmer. I find my days flow better. I am better organised and happier because I am putting my needs first. This is not selfish, it’s common sense. You cannot give to others if you do not fill yourself up first. Just like there is no point putting fresh flowers in a vase with no water.

I am also flexible with the routine. If I have limited time available I ensure I meditate; just a short one. I ground and protect. Then quickly journal and do my cards. I can do my Reiki Gokai in my head when I’m on my way to wherever I’m heading.

Forming A New Habit

Consistency is key. Like forming any new habit, it takes around sixty six days before it becomes second nature. So give it a go. Talk to your family, explain why you want to start it and how it benefits everyone. Then simply start.

Let me know how you get on and if you have any questions. My wish is for you to operate from that place of knowing you’ve had time for yourself each day. That you are full up and able to give to all areas of your life from that precious space. That you too, have a magnificent morning routine.

Please note: this blog has been edited since it was first published. Flexibility is key, therefore my morning routine is tweaked accordingly from time to time. It’s remains the most integral part of my day.

Ladies, if you would like to know how I can help you discover your energetic harmony; emotional, mental, spiritual, physical – get in touch for an informal chat.

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