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When You’re Wading Through Fields Of Treacle

The Field

I’m about halfway across the field. I can see the gate leading into the next field. I can see the grass waving and dancing in the breeze and long to join it and get out of the stickiness of my current field.

This is a metaphor for how I sometimes feel.  Waking up ready to take on the world and then, nothing. Blank mind or ideas in my head that I know are nearly there, I can almost touch them, taste them.

Total frustration, wanting to scream out loud at the injustice of the situation.  What I’ve learnt is that out of stickiness comes clarity.


A great example of this is a situation from a time in mid-November of 2015.  At the time I desperately wanted to finish the website for my Virtual Assistant business before attending a weekend seminar.  I knew I’d be networking and handing out business cards.  Unfortunately, I was in a big field of treacle at the time and going nowhere fast.

About half-way through the week leading up to the seminar, it became very obvious to me that I wasn’t going to finish my site. I was gutted.

After feeling sorry for myself for twenty-four hours, I figured it was better to have a ‘Coming Soon’ notification on my unfinished site. Rather than a ‘live’ site that I was extremely unhappy with.  One that did not represent me and my brand very well at all.

At the event when anyone asked about my website I was honest and told them it was under construction.

Approximately a month later, whilst drying my hair – a bit random I know but you have no control on when clarity strikes.  I suddenly realised that I was targeting the completely wrong audience (cue ‘light bulb-going-on-in my-head’ noise). I’d finally made it through the gate and into the next field.

Suddenly, all the months of struggle and frustration made sense.  They then simply melted away as I enjoyed happily running, skipping and laughing my way across the field of waving grass, not a care in the world.

Keep Moving Forward

Needless to say, my website was completed not long after this and I was extremely proud of it. I now know that I just need to keep moving forward, keep putting one foot in front of the other and trusting that out of stickiness comes clarity.

I’ve learnt to cherish the sticky times, as I now understand that they are teaching me new lessons and giving me new insights. I’ve also realised that I am right where I need to be at any given moment, whether this is a field of treacle or waving, dancing grass.

Ladies, if you would like to know how I can help you discover your energetic harmony; emotional, mental, spiritual, physical – get in touch for an informal chat.

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