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Water Flowing Over Rocks

Over or Around

16 August 2022

Though challenges and changes in life are a given, it’s how we handle them that colours our experience.  We can choose to be in the energy of reaction/resistance or acceptance/surrender.  It’s easy to fly off the handle and let the…

The Only Way Is Up!

19 October 2020

Thursday 8th October 2020 at 12:18 pm I reached my next level of vibrational ascension. When this happens, it’s like living in a pop-up book. Such clear sight, it’s like seeing everything for the very first time. Accompanied by a…

Managing Energy

11 June 2019

As an energy worker and an empath, my energy management is key to my every day overall health and wellbeing. I can quickly become energy deficient, a bit like being vitamin or nutrient deficient. When this happens I become very…

My Magnificent Morning Routine

21 May 2019

My morning routine actually started as an evening routine back in January 2016. Over the years it has evolved and now is the most integral part of my day. Why Bother? There has been a lot of coverage about the…

Reiki – My Journey So Far

14 May 2019

Last week I officially qualified as a Reiki Practitioner. I was over the moon to be presented with my Level 2 Reiki Practitioner certificate, and a little emotional to be honest. I thought I’d share with you my journey so…

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